Saturday, August 11, 2007


Nicked of name, slandered apiece
Pie plantation, harvesting

Tricked by same idolatry
Wince, dismayed, at feigned release.....

Reined in by the whip-cracking snide
Made man; debased in his parlor,
His greeting-card smile replaced by a vile-set
Face, agape.....

A weighty resolve,
A credulous host;
A fish in a tin:
A swimming success!


Drastic are the days of these finds:
Tower-high fulminous waste-plants,
Churning with virulent sulphur-fumes

Bedeviled by blasphemous pride:
Gyroscopic contorted endeavors,
Whirling 'round the balustrade

Tragic are the ways of these minds:
Fickle and fractious filaments,
Dimly emitting a wan woesome light


Underglass, all microscopic:
Essence masked in blithe responses
Questions asked, drawn blanks beneath
A thin veneer of make-believe

A quarter-horse run ragged down
Some clustered hive, damned environ
Blueblood quench the red beneath:
Twisted, that serpentine wreath

Sotto voce far-flung point made moot
From fine-wrought banquet-table's foot:
"Somehow the savory scent of your substance
Falls short of redeeming the loss of your trill....."


Strawman broke this camel's back;
Humpday water-fetching lad
In druggist-clothes forged false RX:
Buzz unperturbed amongst insects

Thousandeye surveyed the scene:
A-list black-tie go-between;
In chemist-robes' threadbare embrace
Slit earthbound eyes see inner-space

Handshake, tremulous, defied
Clenching diffidence's vise;
In paragon's ruse the entirety clear:
That fallow field near.....

Plowshare-meek cast to the wind:
Dandelions, might-have-beens;
On pariah's tar-blackened and feathered disguise
Burnt rouge falls in flecks from ash-cindery eyes

Nothing Doing

Featherstrewn road's slipshod cobblestone-needs
Gracelessly chosen: sky-high, plummeting

Granted pluralists' pose slywise indemnity,
Fuck the trodden-upon: boot-stomp mercilessly

Not a one of our curses can even encompass
The malevolent means to their ill-gotten gains;
Long-sheathed but still sharp, world-worn talons, aquiver
Recall once, when they thrived, more alive than today


Leaking through the trickle-down gutterway-foundation town
Arsenic faucets' malevolent shine,
Reflecting off the brine

Waterworks, porcine promont'ry:
A pinhead-fashioned abdit'ry

Jogger-feet stir restless rhythms: blacktop traces, whitewashed schisms;
Vantage-point from gallows-pole:
Perceive piecemeal of the whole

Mineshaft's sun-deprived crevasse:
A mighty price for diamond-glass


An unwieldy rule, this decaying retainer,
A firmament-mouthpiece: that old confidence game

All fallacious, presume trite tautologies' precedence
Aught anomalous evidence tossed, meanwhile, aside

Aching dissonant minds: everyman-ostracization
Allows for no haystack; this needle, let lie.....


Whither these trappings?
Faux lace, and drawn curtains;
A dithering stink at minstrelsy's knee:
  Cloying airs, as-you-please

Whence these affectations?
Imitations unflattering;
Wobbly caric'ture's simpering swain:
  Progressive, but in name

Wrath ersatz, wraps filthy racket:
Dissident-mimics' capricious bravado;
Tiresome reaction'ries' cacophony mimes
  Musty nihilist/hedonist doggerel-lines

  Wretched conniptions, banal as they're brazen:
  Warhol-foretold spawn'f McEverything;
  No 'mount of piercings or patches or perfid'ous polemics
    Can conspire to ply this punk pretense with substance


Omphalous stone, sideways petrified wood
On crude earth-riven shanties

Drunk: kool-aid tart tasteless
Depraved, as only was perceived:
Stone-shattered glass windows

Parnassus groans, underneath leaden ten-weight
Paw-prints in the wastelands

Beast-provenance glimpse:
Reductionist-reckonings cleft twain, as daydreams
Fill Salacity's eyes.....

Thursday, August 09, 2007

An Inaugural Thought

blinding freewheels on the mountain road
oblong shadows lopside-overthrown
rutted pothole-asphalt, pockmarked pit
marks the onset of a chain-link fence

pining meatbags glut the Sunset strip
blinkered monkeychildren fit to flit
turnabout around their deadset ways
agglomeration of uncounted days

winding circuit aught to close in time
etch-marks underscore the bottom-line
ipso facto, dominae gloriam
butter-fingered keeper's quaking hands

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