Saturday, August 11, 2007


Whither these trappings?
Faux lace, and drawn curtains;
A dithering stink at minstrelsy's knee:
  Cloying airs, as-you-please

Whence these affectations?
Imitations unflattering;
Wobbly caric'ture's simpering swain:
  Progressive, but in name

Wrath ersatz, wraps filthy racket:
Dissident-mimics' capricious bravado;
Tiresome reaction'ries' cacophony mimes
  Musty nihilist/hedonist doggerel-lines

  Wretched conniptions, banal as they're brazen:
  Warhol-foretold spawn'f McEverything;
  No 'mount of piercings or patches or perfid'ous polemics
    Can conspire to ply this punk pretense with substance

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